Landscape Lighting Ideas To Turn Any Backyard Patio Into An Entertainer’s Dream

patio lightingA backyard patio is a special place where homeowners can sit back, relax, and enjoy the changing colors of the leaves. It’s also one of the best spots to entertain your favorite people in the cool, crisp autumn air. Yet there are more ways to incorporate a sense of comfort on your outdoor patio than furniture and friends.

According to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), up to 41% of respondents report that exterior lighting is an essential feature of home decor. Outdoor lighting can make any outdoor space feel more inviting, comfortable, and more like a living space.

By knowing what to light in your yard and where to place landscape lighting efficiently, you can take your patio from beautiful to stunning.

Begin with the basics
Just as with indoor lighting, you don’t want to overwhelm your outdoor space with accent lights. Begin with the basics by using porch lighting along your patio. This will provide your patio with a natural highlight that will give your entertainment area just the right amount of glow it needs.

Path lighting and step lighting are also essential to keep your guests and family safe as they walk up and down the path or stairs leading up to the deck or house. While being functional, these pieces of patio lighting provide simple design touches that make your outdoor space that much more magical. Additionally, these basics help to enhance the lighting of accents you’ll add to your patio lighting later on.

Creating depth with landscape lighting
Indoor lights have three basic types — ambient, task, and accent — to help create depth within a space. Outdoor lighting and landscape lights are similar in that ambient lighting such as porch lighting, mixed with spotlights and other focal points, creates a sense of depth and therefore cohesive beauty in a yard.

To help add depth to your outdoor patio space once you’ve covered the basics, look out to the landscape surrounding your yard. Are there trees or water features? Consider placing LED spotlights along the trunks of the trees and surrounding your water feature with pond lights. These highlighted garden elements incorporate the rest of your yard into your outdoor space, making the entertainment area seem that much bigger and more cohesive.

The comfort you experience in your outdoor space is just as essential as the comfort in your indoor space. Landscape lighting helps to turn your yard into a beautiful wonderland and your patio into a better entertainment space. For more information on patio lighting and for more landscape lighting design ideas from a professional viewpoint, contact Radiant Exterior Lighting today.


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