How to Improve the Appearance of Your Home With Your Garden

landscape lightingCaring for your lawn is more than tending to the soil, turf, and grass. Caring for your lawn is also about making sure your garden looks its best and that the flowers and plants you choose compliment your house’s style.

Maintaining a beautiful garden will not only increase your home’s resale value, but it will also improve your mood as the smell and sight of flowers often promote good spirits. However, how do you choose the right flowers and plants to place in your garden? And how can they promote the appearance of your home?

Choosing the right flowers
The best way to be sure the flowers and plants in your growing garden will last as long as your home is to buy locally. Flowers which are locally grown are adapted to the acidity of your home’s soil as well as your local climate. This makes them much more resilient and easier to maintain.

Additionally, by choosing to plant local flowers you will be ensuring the life of your local environment. Homeowners who plant flowers that may be an invasive species may promote the extinction of local flowers from the region and may create an upheaval in the environment’s food chain.

Paint with your flowers
When it comes to choosing the right kinds of flowers to grow in your garden, be sure you are not only taking into consideration your local climate and local plants but that you are also choosing the right colors. The pairing of flowers is very similar to painting: base your choices on the color wheel.

Contrasting colors on opposite sides of the color wheel often go well together and create a wonderful sense of drama. Red roses and green herbs, for instance, may make the front of your home wonderfully romantic. Or, if you’re looking for a more Spring look, consider pairing blue Hydrangeas with yellow Marigolds.

To keep your garden from appearing too dramatic, it’s also a keen idea to pair neutrals with bolder colors in the same manner of pairing neutral shoes with a bold dress. This color combination will give your garden a refreshing look with splashes of color rather than washing it out or making your garden appear too loud.

Use landscape lighting
Your garden’s appearance shouldn’t decrease in importance during the evening hours. The right use of outdoor lighting can create either a dramatic or romantic appeal to your lawn as well as your home.

For landscape lighting that has a more romantic appeal to it, smaller and lower-intensity bulbs may work perfectly to give your garden a moon-lit appearance. This is particularly true if the lights have a blue tone. Hide your landscape lighting beneath shrubs in order to make the lights appear more natural.

More dramatic lighting is often used for the home itself. Therefore, if you like your lights to be visible, it’s best to place them along a path so the focus of the lighting is more on your garden and the walkway rather than the bulbs that are meant to be illuminating them.

If you like the idea of landscape lighting but are hesitant making a decision or you are unsure about which type of landscape lighting to choose, consider making a consultation with a landscape lighting company. In 2016, 73% of homeowners undergoing an outdoor project hired a professional. Landscape professionals, especially St Louis landscape lighting professionals, understand the best outdoor lighting for your home and your garden and will leave your home’s landscape looking better than it had before.


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